Why LUMIACTION convinced himself as the first choice
– specialist in the field of Lighting Bulbs & Lighting Fixtures ?

  • Lumiaction was founded in 1977, has been performing as a very professional and active business in various application of Luminaire.
    >>> Lumiaction must be an expert who can feed specialized knowledge to customers!
  • Lumiaction offers always full service to customers, not only to meet but exceed customers’ expectations.
    >>> Lumiaction only thinks whatever is the best to benefit customers.
  • Lumiaction provides only quality guaranteed products, never brings trouble to customers.
    >>> Lumiaction supports customers with value added solutions as a reliable supplier.
  • Lumiaction gathers superior teamwork, familiar with operating business procedure for not let you worry for any.
    >>> Lumiaction handles great running to achieve deals with no question in full course.
  • Lumiaction keeps eyes on global topics to whatever is supposed to be concerned.
    >>> Lumiaction realize that people everywhere in the world is not alone but coexist. The hot topic refers to abnormal climate appeals the message to human being how eager to get it prior-environment conservation. “Saving energy or lower electricity” is one of the important subject becomes a type of living way. Our products orient to the issue, come up with famous manufacturers.


Specialist in the field of Lighting Bulbs & Lighting Fixtures

LUMIACTION has been the leading supplier of Lighting Bulbs and Lighting Fixtures for more than 33 years since establishment in 1977. The team-work in LUMIACTION plunged into the job with enthusiasm, aiming at providing valuable products in good quality, significant package, retain competitive prices to make business bright.

 LUMIACTION is always proud of creating profitable business to customers by all means. Owing the high reputation in the past decades years, we keep catching up to be a well-known supplier in the field of Lighting Bulbs and Lighting Fixtures.

Our head-quarter in Taipei Taiwan handles full running business operated in Taiwan and China. In another word, business operation in Shanghai branch office is entirely instructed by Taipei head-quarter. Our service is coincident raised by both facilities. This ensures our general service level oriented towards equally greater.

Our colleagues work in branch office located in Shanghai China, doing their good job to collect the most competitive pricing items depending on different market require. All the working spirit doing in Shanghai office is exactly same as what we have been doing in Taiwan for the past 33 years. A warehouse in Shanghai spaced 10,000 square meters (107,640 square feet) functions well for finished goods. Everything operated in Shanghai office and warehouse is directly instructed from head-quarter in Taiwan. Basing on such facilities, Lumiaction serves satisfactorily is for sure.

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What the benefits served by LUMIACTION ?

We LUMIACTION as the best business partner of yours, may we recommend ourselves who can really offer the best services to make you competitive enough in the market.
What LUMIACTION can offer ?

The key purpose LUMIACTION owned both Taiwan and China facilities to serve.

1 – You will be assured to get the most competitive prices after LUMIACTION would do pricing comparison among many manufacturers’ quote in prior. While studying prices comparison, we would surely pick quality qualification in the meantime, and suggest you the best supplying source either from Taiwan or China - can offer the lowest cost to you.

2 – We can consolidate goods for your order.
You may have difficulties to collect various goods supplied from manufacturers in China due to wide territory there. You must assign a company to manage goods consolidation. LUMIACTION has big sized warehouse can do good job for you, no doubt.

3 – We perform goods inspection and do necessary management ready for goods delivery.
Insisting on having strict quality control process in each producing step, you are assured the ordered merchandise is in perfect condition.

4 – We have been operating our exporting business from China for more than 20 years. During the past years, we have built good business link to many manufacturers located in far distanced cities. This can considerably simplify correspondences and business operation. You do not have to communicate to different manufacturers in respective, but only coordinate to a single company - LUMIACTION - for everything you may require.

5 – The above simplified procedures are benefits pertaining not only for business details, but also for handling charge such as bank’s fee for payment fulfill, customs expenses for shipment, delivery freight cost….etc. That saves money for you.

6 – You must also realize how criticized LUMIACTION have been working for business.
Basing the same working spirit, you will also receive valuable new offer from time to time.

7 – LUMIACTION offers cordial relationship and friendship
Once the client purchases from LUMIACTION, it means he joins up Lumiaction’s club where he will enjoy up-dated information automatically, such as new issuing catalogue, up-to-date quotation, and annual holiday’s schedule in Taiwan……whatever news is supposed necessary to keep clients advised. Our clients are always pleased by Lumiaction’s small gift attached the consignment for thanking patronage favored. One more thing as advantage to work with LUMIACTION, you will get from us the commercial information here including our area in Taiwan, China, as well as Asian countries, for instance, the time-table of holidays in our Chinese area. This information helps you for setting visiting plan, avoiding your business itinerary in Taiwan or China set during those off days.

8 – LUMIACTION has strong intention to create profits for clients, keeps looking for new items whichever can be maximum extended, makes clients win extremely good sales in market.

What particular advantages LUMIACTION have ?

  • Accumulating more than 32 years business operation in the field of Lighting Bulbs and Lighting Fixtures, we have had richness of database can get huge collection covering whatever product inquired. It solves problem for you thoroughly to source any item.

  • Basing such a rich experience in operating business during the past 32 years and more, we know how important to make a critical procedure is. This is only for a very simple reason – to satisfy all customers require.

  • Another most important worth to contact us is, we respect humanistic operation, be friendly, be kind, and be sincere in cooperating with you. We have been trying to get our response to customer feel comfort, pleasure, and considerate.


P.O.Box 27-064
9F, No.219, Chang Chun Rd., Taipei 104, Taiwan
TEL: 886-2-25036161 ( 10 Lines )
FAX: 886-2-25057858
Shanghai branch
555 ZhenYing Road,